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Sean Perkin - Whistler

Sean Perkin (left) on a ski trip in Whistler with friends.

Sean Perkin is passionate about traveling, not only for personal reasons, but for business as well. He finds pleasure and inspiration in the different cultures, scenery, and architecture that he is able to incorporate into his design of homes and buildings. Having traveled to a respectable amount of countries including Europe, Mexico, Africa, Central America, numerous tropical islands and Asia. His favorite travel destinations include:

New York City:

During his trip to NYC, Sean Perkin made sure to visit the tallest building in the United States, the Freedom Tower. In Lower Manhattan, the building stands as a reminder of the country’s ability to rebound from the devastating 9/11 attacks. He also strolled through Central Park; the most visited the urban park in the United States.


While in Italy, Sean Perkin found design inspiration during his time sightseeing in Milan. The cathedrals, castles, theaters, and museums provided him with ideas and new techniques for future renovations.

Sean Perkin - Milan

Sean Perkin having a great time in Milan.

Venice: Sean Perkin will not soon forget experiencing a gondola ride in Venice, gliding through tranquil waters and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Whistler: Another memorable trip Sean Perkin took was to Whistler, Canada, which is the largest ski resort in North America. Whistler hosts thousands of skiers throughout the season, and boasts over 200 trails, a seven mile long run, a 5,000 ft vertical drop, and more.

Travel has traditionally been viewed as the antithesis of work, but in reality, is can be productive to an individual’s career. Sean Perkin finds that travel enhances his understanding of the world and he has been able to use these new experiences to enhance his professional work as a designer.  No matter where he goes he’s always looks for opportunity that can turn into an investment or business.

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