Professional Memberships

Sean Perkin - Professional Memberships

During his free time, Sean Perkin participates in different professional and social organizations.

Sean Perkin maintains membership in many professional and social organizations:

California Association of REALTORS (CAR)

CAR was formed in 1998 and works to promote integrity, excellence, and professionalism within the industry. Sean Perkin and others in the real estate industry benefit from CAR because the organization:

  • Houses a team of highly qualified attorneys who track legal developments, involving real estate, and then pass information on to members
  • Provides access to real estate law updates, legal charts, and disclosure charts
  • Offers a legal hotline that members can call for answers to any legal questions they may have
  • Has a tradition of community involvement and sponsors many charitable programs
  • Is responsible for many scholarships and educational foundations that aid California students looking to pursue a career in real estate
  • Offers a free monthly online newsletter for clients, ClientDIRECT, which allows members to easily keep in contact with clients and advertise their valued services

Jewish Federation

Involvement in the Jewish Federation has helped Sean Perkin give back to his local community. He cares deeply for his heritage and his membership in this organization has helped him build a network with individuals sharing the same goals and interests. The organization provides many services for its members, including:

  • Caring for Jews in need
  • Working to resolve any issues of concern to the community
  • Promoting inclusion of those with disabilities; whether at school, in the workplace, or the community
  • Raising billions of dollars annually for social services, education, and social welfare

Additionally, Sean Perkin also maintains membership in the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors. Through these organizations he has equipped himself with the traits and resources necessary to become successful at Sean Perkin & Associates.

In his spare time, Sean Perkin is an avid reader. You can view the books he has rated on his Goodreads profile or see what books he is currently reading by viewing his Shelfari: