Real Estate Investing: Best Practices

Sean Perkin

Sean Perkin, owner of Sean Perkin & Associates, will use this blog to share real estate investing tips.

Sean Perkin is the owner of Sean Perkin & Associates, a real estate investment firm that has syndicated a number of investments with favorable returns for investors. He obtained his sales associate license in real estate in 2002 and then went on to get his broker’s license. Sean Perkin understands some of the best practices prospective investors should follow before jumping in to the real estate market.

Real estate investors must start by gaining a better understanding of the market in which they are planning to invest. To start, an investor must begin by researching a target market in order to gain an intimate understanding of the community, property values, potential opportunities and the target market. Investors who jump in before comprehending the state of their local market could end up taking a loss. A quick Google search will turn up scores of websites, blogs, and books targeted specifically towards real estate investors. Studying these resources will allow investors to minimize the chances of making critical mistakes along the way. Additionally, investors are advised to build a strong support system of brokers, attorneys, accountants, and mentors who can help throughout the entire process.

While the above is very limited in scope you are welcome to contact Sean Perkin directly to discuss the process, potential for success and ways to minimize potential losses. Have a question? Leave a comment below and Sean Perkin might answer your question in a future blog post.

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